How to win a girl who is dating another guy

And because of this I ran from her. Things started off lovely at first. So I stopped sitting around and got a job, switched my life habits, started going to the gym, and ended up losing over 15 pounds now. You should honestly consider the possibility of whether you were toxic for her, or if it was actually the other way around and her actions caused you to behave in a toxic manner. She was like rubbing it on my face I got more and more desperate because i couldn't figure out what was wrong.

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Then we talked again and she said she wanted to be with me, but i asked her to fisrt explain what was happening with her because she was not the same and i was desperate and trying everything to be good with her.

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Can I Get My Ex Back If She’s Already Dating?

Now after she dumped me, she is immediately dating. Long story short, we were kinda sorta together over the past week but I was needy, clingy, etc. Cheating is something that would definitely take a toll on the relationship if you forgive her and get back together, because there's always going to be a sense of insecurity, self-doubt, trust issues, and resentment towards her for doing so. To me, it was obvious she liked me. I am following the steps you have talked about but i feel like i have more obstacles to get over then most people. I need to mention that we live different towns and i was the one how always visited her.

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how to win a girl who is dating another guy
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how to win a girl who is dating another guy
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