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He held back laughter as she felt and tickled his stomach, not purposely of course. Then he shuddered at the thought of BB naked. She was laughing her head off but not asking any questions because Raven had told her to save all questions for the end. He liked that someone cared. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. They mess with Batman's stuff and Starfire wears Batgirl's costume, which combines both of Dick Grayson's major love interests and he just about loses it especially because, as she notes, the costume is very tight on her.

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She- Wait she is getting very close to-- "Starfire!

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Those jade green eyes! She then mentions to Robin that she would like him to apply some suntan lotion on her if they ever get a pool and Robin's hair springs up, knocking his hat off. The others are thrilled. We see her with a bunch of adorable kittens. While looking through Starfire's room for Silkie, Robin is shocked to discover Starfire's diary, which hints that she might have written about him in it. He liked that someone cared.

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starfire from teen titan naked
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