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Nielsen Business Media, Inc. But we ain't singing, we bringing drama Fuck you and your motherfucking mama We gon' kill all you motherfuckers Now when I came out, I told you it was just about Biggie Then everybody had to open their mouth with a mother fucking opinion Well, this is how we gonna do this: All shit aside, Tupac is a nice, good-hearted guy. This is a diss track aimed at Notorious B. Shakur was also enraged by Biggie's release of " Who Shot Ya? Following its release, the East Coast rappers insulted in the song responded through tracks of their own. Mean approach the scene of the caper Like a loc with Little Ceas' in a choke Gun totin' smoke.

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Nigga, we the motherfuckin' mob Ain't nothing but killers and the real niggas All you motherfuckers feel us Our shit goes triple and 4-quadruple Take money You niggas laugh cause our staff got guns under they motherfuckin' belts You know how it is, when we drop records they felt You niggas can't feel it, we the realest Fuck 'em, we Bad Boy-killers We killers, we killers, we killers.

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Hit Em Up ( Uncensored )

The song's lyrics contain vicious insults to several East Coast rapperschief among them, Shakur's former friend turned rival, The Notorious B. Alexander, Frank; Cuda, Heidi Siegmund During the shooting of the video, Shakur was engaged in an argument with someone, who was heard telling him "You'll get shot. All shit aside, Tupac is a nice, good-hearted guy. Saxon, Shani October

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pac i fucked your bitch
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pac i fucked your bitch
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